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Come on,

​To the days with free space.

When you have a blank space, you can face yourself.

Something new begins.

When you have free space, you will love the people around you,

Even if you leave your choices to others, you can still be yourself in some way.

I was invited by a good friend, so

Because I wanted to see my child's smile,

Because it was close to home.

Because I had more time.

It all started with something small.

Just touch the soil and draw lines.

I want you to feel that comfort,

More space is created,

The days are becoming richer.

Setagaya, Tokyo, pottery, Kintsugi, and Circoro.

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My heart can communicate

Same place, same time, same experience.

Sometimes we work seriously, and sometimes we talk and laugh.

Whether you start with someone or meet someone here.

People and people communicate with each other.

​A fun blank space is born.

Free to use,

Enjoy it however you like.

My favorite things, things I always use,

Combine them to create a single scenery.

Decorate it to transform your space.

I love it more and more every time I use it.

​A margin is created in each day,

Life becomes even deeper.

Life deepens

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food spreads

My first time holding my own vessel,
A one-of-a-kind vessel that I made myself.

Feeling happy, feeling proud.

The main role is the tableware, and the food is the main character.

Fun, delicious, and beautiful.

​Meals provide ample free time.


beauty, new

It's easy to buy.

It's not easy to do it yourself.

But there is joy, emotion, and satisfaction.

A beautiful vessel with a different appearance.

I want to continue to cherish it.

​Look, there's a blank space in my heart again.

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