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pottery and kintsugi
​Crafts Studio Chilcoro



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Just touching the soil makes you feel comfortable.

It calms your mind.

From children aged 3 to adults,

A one-day experience plan that you can easily enjoy.

A membership plan for those who want to attend as a hobby.

​It's okay even if it's your first time.

Why not try making your own vessel?



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By drawing lines with lacquer,

New beauty resides in broken vessels.

With your own hands, cherished utensils

Those who want to reviveStarting with Kintsugi

For those who want to know about the world of lacquer art.

​Why not feel free to start?



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Full-scale repair using genuine lacquer by craftsmen.

With high technology and sensitivity unique to professionals,

Reborn your precious vessels.

​For those who want to repair it themselves,

Kintsugi kits are available.

Kintsugi |repair

​Kintsugi repair

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