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kinstugi | repair kit

Kintsugi kit

Authentic [Full Moon] using lacquer and gold and silver powder, and [New Moon] for beginners that can be completed in one day.
Both kits are finished with real lacquer. Please watch the explanation video and try it out.

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Kintsugi set [new moon]

Easy to enjoy even for first-time users

A new simple Kintsugi kit.

Because it touches the body,

I chose real lacquer for the finish.


Feeling as clean as a new moon,

Let's start here.

new moon


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​◯Kit contents [Full moon]

○ Type of metal powder

Arteco gel, epoxy putty, lacquer, tin powder, brass powder

Spatula, spoon, acrylic board, brush, waterproof paper (400/1000)

Diamond rod file/masking tape

Cotton swabs, finger cots, vinyl gloves

*Please use the lacquer for one year.

Alloy of copper and zinc.

It has a strong luster and has a color similar to gold.

brass powder

tin powder

It's close to silver, but

It is characterized by a dark color.

○ Things to prepare at home

Cutter/ethanol (you can use disinfectant alcohol)

Oil (salad oil/canola oil/olive oil)

Water, tissue, cellophane tape

Remover (avoid those that have a lot of water as their main ingredient)

● Regarding lacquer rash

Direct contact with the skin may cause a rash.

Wear vinyl gloves when working with lacquer.

Vinyl gloves are disposable.

Please purchase the size that fits your needs.


(例) 欠け一箇所、割れ2分割の器約5個分

Circolo Honkintsugi guide

This is a video that summarizes each work process in an easier-to-understand manner.

Coming Soon!



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Kintsugi set [full moon]

Listen to the vessel, pour love into it, and pass it on

Authentic Kintsugi kit.

The vessels are carefully finished with lacquer.

It will give you a different look than before.

Like waiting for the moon to be full,

​Take your time.

full moon


​◯Kit contents [Full moon]

○ Type of metal powder

Raw lacquer, acrylic board, plastic spatula, bamboo spatula, brush

Dropper, dry sharpening paper (No. 320), water-resistant paper (No. 1000)

Diamond file (thin/flat)/masking tape

Vinyl gloves, wood powder, abrasive powder, Bengara powder (black/red)

Gold eraser (0.1g), silver eraser (0.2g), cotton cotton 2 pieces

*Please use raw lacquer within one year.

It is a very fine powder made by pulverizing gold leaf.

It can be sown to spread over a large area.

gold powder

silver eraser

With powder made by pulverizing silver leaf,

It is slightly grainier than gold.

Silver is a very white and beautiful metal,

It will gradually turn black over time.

○ Things to prepare at home

Lacquer bath (how to make on page 14), flour, water

Ethanol (you can use rubbing alcohol)

Oil (salad oil/canola oil/olive oil)/tissue

Wrap, cellophane tape, scissors

A4 copy paper or tracing paper

2 weights and design cutter (good to have)

 *Ethanol is sold at pharmacies, drug stores, etc.

Approximate damage that can be fixed with this kit

(Example) Approximately 5 bowls with one chip and two cracks.

● Regarding lacquer rash

Direct contact with the skin may cause a rash.

Wear vinyl gloves when working with lacquer.

Vinyl gloves are disposable.

Please purchase the size that fits your needs.

Circolo Honkintsugi guide



Coming Soon!



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● Handling of the vessel after repair

●Do not use over open flames, microwaves, or ovens. ●Cannot be used directly over fire. ●If you leave it in the refrigerator or freezer, it may cause deterioration. - Leaving it soaked or soaking it in something with moisture for a long time may cause it to peel off. Please refrain from leaving it on. ●When washing the utensils, do not use a dishwasher or dish dryer, but wash them gently with a soft sponge dampened with neutral dish detergent. ●If something hits the kintsugi part, it may cause wear or peeling of the decorative part. ●The strength of the repaired product will be weaker than its original state, so please be careful not to hold the repaired part or put any stress on it. We especially recommend storing broken items without stacking them. ●The strength will increase if you leave it for about a month after completion. We recommend that you wait to use it for a longer time.

● Items that will become unusable after repair

Based on the above, the following items can no longer be used for their intended purposes. ● Earthenware pots etc. cannot be used directly over fire. ●It will no longer be possible to use pots, vases, teapots, etc. with water in them for long periods of time. ●Thin handles such as mug handles, wine glass stems, and cutlery cannot be used by holding them.

● Notes

●Lacquer is a natural product. Please avoid high temperatures, especially in the summer, and store in a cool, dark place such as a refrigerator. ●To maintain quality, we recommend using up the product as soon as possible. It will dry more slowly over time. ●As the repair method uses real lacquer, there is a possibility of a rash. Please wear gloves when working. If you experience symptoms of a rash, please consult your doctor. ●Please note that we are not responsible for any rash caused by using this kit. ●The time it takes to complete a piece varies greatly depending on the shape of the item to be kintsugi, how it is damaged, the season, temperature, and humidity. ●Number of processes = not the number of days until completion. Due to the time it takes for the lacquer to harden and the process to be repeated several times, it may take more than two months to complete.

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