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​ *If you request by visiting the store, the store will be Todoroki store. ​Please note that we cannot accept applications at the Komazawa store.

Terms and conditions

About cancellation

  • You cannot cancel once the repair has started.

  • The customer will be responsible for the cost of returning the vessel, including cancellations after the actual item has been sent and return shipping costs for vessels that cannot be repaired.

If it is damaged

  • We will always carry out repair work keeping in mind that we are handling our customers' valuable items, but if an item is unexpectedly damaged during repair or during shipping after completion, we will not be responsible for the damage. Please note that due to the nature of the work involved in handling objects, we cannot provide any guarantees.

  • We would appreciate it if you would be aware that we cannot provide any guarantees even if the item is damaged during shipping when the item is delivered after completion.

Regarding storage after completion

  • If you choose to collect the item after completion, the storage period will be 2 months. Thank you for your understanding as we will have no choice but to dispose of items that have passed their storage period.

Please be sure to read the following before applying.
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